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A Dialogue of The Minds is a forum facilitating a Trans-Atlantic dialogue between the United States and Europe. The forum encourages discourses in a comparative global context and with a global vision. Our core themes are Quality of Democracy and Innovation.

Quality of Democracy

American and European democracy continuously need to learn from each other in a Trans-Atlantic dialogue. Democracy represents the only valid mode for organizing the political system, interlinking politics with society and economy.

Global Democracy challenges democracy as it is confronted with emerging multi-level architectures (global, national, regional, and local). Quality of democracy can increase, and quality of democracy can decrease.

Reform and innovation of democracy address emerging economies, but also advanced economies. With the global spread of democracy, there is more of a need to distinguish between different qualities of democracy. The aim is to increase the quality of democracy.


Knowledge democracy emphasizes knowledge production, knowledge application and innovation, and indicates possible paths of development and of sustainable development. Innovation topics include, but are not limited to: technology, medicine, communications, artificial intelligence, ecology and environmental sensitivity. 

Knowledge democracy, knowledge society and knowledge economy are co-evolving. It is in this context where innovation can emerge and be sustained within the context of democracy. The theory of the Quadruple and Quintuple Helix Innovation Systems is describing such processes.

See our Publications page for further references.