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Campbell: U.S.-China Confrontation a "War of Too Many" in Latest Interview

Interview conducted with David F. J. Campbell by the Turkish news provider  Anadolu Agency (AA)  on the Chinese-U.S. relations over the question of the status of Taiwan. This remains to be a challenging issue for world politics and the international system. A direct military confrontation between China and the United States would definitely be the one “war too many” in current circumstances. Responsible political leadership is necessary, preventing such a military interaction, and allowing for a balanced approach for a further development of Taiwan. The interview has been released for publication, read more here .
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LIVE - June 8: David F.J. Campbell at the PandeVITA Conference

“Disciplinary and Transdisciplinary, Scientific and Artistic Research in Knowledge Economy and The Knowledge Democracy: Innovation Trends in Higher Education and the Economy” Keynote with David F. J. Campbell:  June 8, 2023, 10:00am Turkish time, in Ankara, Turkey / Türkiye, PandeVITA CONFERENCE, organized by Bilkent University.  Live on YouTube, watch here .   PandeVITA Program The focus is on how research and innovation are changing. The emphasis places on university research and its cross-networking and co-evolution with innovation in the economy. These interactions are becoming increasingly non-linear, in which the context of application matters for basic research. Interdisciplinarity and new forms of interdisciplinary research, also integrating scientific and artistic research, transform to transdisciplinarity, where academic research communities cooperate with communities of practitioners in society and the economy, by this altering work and dynamics in the labor markets. What fo


如果中國對臺灣發動軍事入侵,和美國引發直接的軍事對抗,將使世界站在深淵的邊緣。俄羅斯總統普丁在對烏克蘭的侵略戰爭仍然孤軍奮戰,避免兩者衝突在全球範圍內加劇是必要的。 作者:David F. J. Campbell, Junaid Kajee 和 Han, Chen-Han 1939 年的德蘇軸心談判、 2022 年普丁對烏克蘭的入侵,和臺灣的情況 1939 年 8 月 24 日,《 德國與蘇維埃社會主義共和國聯盟互不侵犯條約 》在莫斯科簽署。 對於 波蘭的侵略由納粹德國軍隊在 1939 年 9 月 1 日入侵開始,隨後蘇聯軍隊於 1939 年 9 月 17 日 入侵波蘭東部 。共產黨獨裁者 史達林 厚顏無恥地與人類歷史上最偉大的罪犯之一阿道夫 · 希特勒結盟。因為如果沒有 “ 希特勒 - 史特林條約 ” (也稱為 “ 莫洛托夫 - 里賓特洛甫條約 ” ),第二次世界大戰很可能不會在 1939 年 9 月爆發。 弗拉迪米爾 · 普丁 在 2022 年 2 月 24 日,對主權國家烏克蘭發動了殘酷的 侵略戰爭 。 俄羅斯再次發動侵略引發了國際社會的恐懼和擔憂,而這是在 2014 年 吞併克里米亞 的背景下發生的,這已經表明俄羅斯擴大其領土的決心。現在,隨著對烏克蘭的全面入侵,全球領導人被迫應對新的頑固無視國際法的行為。並有部分人將這場戰爭視為 帝國主義戰爭 。美國總統拜登因此稱普丁為 “ 兇殘的獨裁者 ” , 在紐約時報的 客座評論 中,提摩希 ·D· 史奈德將普丁在俄羅斯的體制歸類為 “ 法西斯 ” 。 正如還有 “ 普丁主義 ” 和 “ 普丁法西斯主義 ” 這樣的術語。而最重要的一個關鍵問題:在當前的世界形勢下,是否有可能合併這兩個至關重要的麻煩點?可以想像的是,在俄羅斯入侵烏克蘭後,會看到中國入侵 臺灣 嗎? 雖然臺灣和烏克蘭的距離甚遠 , 但基於重要的歷史記憶 , 希特勒 - 史特林條約的漫長而可怕的陰影擲下了一片黑暗。 中國是否會對臺灣打軍事牌 ? 類似烏克蘭的悲劇也可能在太平洋地區上演 , 這煩惱如幽靈縈繞在我們心頭。但這裡的評估存在分歧 , 美國專家最近的一項 民意調查 發現 , 大多數人不認為中國計劃入侵臺灣 , 同時 , 大多數專家進一步表示 , 在這種情況下 , 臺灣會得到美國的軍事支持 ; 但是 , 中美之間

L’Italia va verso destra: cosa significa Giorgia Meloni per il futuro dell’UE?

La vittoria elettorale dei populisti (post-fascisti) di destra Fratelli d’Italia pone l’Europa e l’UE davanti a sfide importanti. La destra europea assapora la propria chance. Rimane da sperare che Giorgia Meloni alla fine opti per un pragmatismo più moderato. By David F. J. Campbell & Mattia Quinteri Guest Commentary for / Commento per Lo spostamento verso destra nelle elezioni parlamentari italiane. Le elezioni per il parlamento italiano si sono svolte il 25 settembre, e il risultato è stato un chiaro spostamento verso destra. Il primo partito, con il 26% dei voti, è risultato il “post-fascista” Fratelli d’Italia , con Giorgia Meloni come principale candidata. Gli alleati di destra Lega e Forza Italia hanno ricevuto rispettivamente l’8,8% e l’8,1% dei voti. Il partito socialdemocratico Partito Democratico ha ottenuto il 19% dei voti, il populista Movimento Cinque Stelle il 15,4% e il partito centrista Italia Viva il 7,8%. Sebbene la coalizione di des

Taiwan and World Peace.

Should China launch a military invasion of Taiwan, sparking a direct military confrontation with the United States, the world then could be standing at the edge of abyss. Putin is still alone in his war of aggression against Ukraine. It is essential to prevent the global growing-together of these two areas of conflict.  The Hitler-Stalin pact of 1939, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, and the case of Taiwan On August 24, 1939, the so-called “ Treaty of Non-Aggression between Germany and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ” was signed in Moscow. The aggression against Poland began with the invasion of Poland by Nazi-Germany-troops on September 1, 1939, followed by Soviet troops invading eastern Poland on September 17, 1939. The communist dictator Stalin shamelessly made common cause with one of the greatest criminals in human history, Adolf Hitler. Because without this “Hitler-Stalin Pact” (also called “Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact”) the Second World War would probably not have br