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Inaugural Blog Post

Dear Readers,

With this Inaugural Blog Post we are launching the website project and initiative.

The interest here is to look at international developments in politics, economy, society, education, culture, sciences and arts, and ecology. Knowledge Economy, Knowledge Democracy, Quality of Democracy, and Innovation are core concepts that are defining key references for analysis. A further intention will be to provide for analytical contributions, which can cross-network with international discourse. At the same time, we will try as much as possible, to avoid standard partisan approaches based on every-day political queries. Pros & Cons arguments are to be produced systematically during the conduct of analysis.

Attempting to approach Knowledge Economy and Knowledge Democracy sufficiently does require an international and global perspective, even knowing that human civilization has begun to evolve beyond the context of our planet Earth. The poles of freedom and equality continuously produce challenges for further democratic development, so dilemmas may be more the rule than the exception.

There is one proposition, however, which is underlying the approach followed here. For the further evolution of democracy, the interaction, cooperation, and mutual learning between the United States and Europe (European Union) is to be regarded to be essential and represents and defines one of the core parameters of the international political system.

We end this introduction with a provoking metaphor, admitting that metaphors are never comprehensively right, but wanting to throw up a humorous fragment of a picture. We ask: What is wrong with the “international relations metaphor” that Europe may resemble Ancient Greece and the United States, Ancient Rome? The journey shall begin.

The Founders of

David F. J. Campbell & Robert R. Fragnito