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LIVE - June 8: David F.J. Campbell at the PandeVITA Conference

“Disciplinary and Transdisciplinary, Scientific and Artistic Research in Knowledge Economy and The Knowledge Democracy: Innovation Trends in Higher Education and the Economy”

Keynote with David F. J. Campbell: 
June 8, 2023, 10:00am Turkish time, in Ankara, Turkey / Türkiye, PandeVITA CONFERENCE, organized by Bilkent University. 
The focus is on how research and innovation are changing. The emphasis places on university research and its cross-networking and co-evolution with innovation in the economy. These interactions are becoming increasingly non-linear, in which the context of application matters for basic research. Interdisciplinarity and new forms of interdisciplinary research, also integrating scientific and artistic research, transform to transdisciplinarity, where academic research communities cooperate with communities of practitioners in society and the economy, by this altering work and dynamics in the labor markets. What follows is a transition toward the knowledge economy and knowledge democracy, co-creating economy and democracy. The theory of the “Quadruple and Quintuple Helix Innovation Systems” serves as a conceptual explainer of global trends in these directions. Questions for a further discussion are to frame the key note speech finally.